Organisations of all sizes, from large enterprises to growing businesses, share a need for security and agility to address their business challenges.

The problem is, the growing demands of enterprise applications and the fast pace of modern business, combined with poor patch management and security controls, threaten to put legacy IT design, with its separate storage, storage networks and servers, at risk of failure.

And that’s not all.

The silos created by traditional datacentre infrastructure often present barriers to change and progress, adding complexity to every step, from ordering to deployment to management.

In fact, traditional or legacy infrastructure is crippling many organisations. Since 2013, IDC found that 80% of IT spending is used for maintenance and only 20% on innovation.

What’s more, the costs associated with managing legacy infrastructure are continuing to rise.

Together, Lenovo and Bramatt have the solution…

Introducing hyperconvergence

Hyperconverged infrastructure streamlines the deployment, management and scaling of datacentre resources by combining x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software in a turnkey software-defined solution.

Separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacentre that easily scales with your business.

To learn more about hyperconvergence and how it can benefit your organisation, watch our video.

How your business can benefit from a hyperconverged system

  • Lower cost of entry and a lower total cost of ownership compared with legacy infrastructure with reduced upfront costs due to building-block framework
  • Reduced management time and costs, and gains through automation
  • Frees staff from “keeping the lights on” to focus on innovation to support company growth
  • Increased levels of data protection and security due to better integration from the factory
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher Return On Investment through hardware and software focus on high reliability, automation and agility, scalability, and operating efficiency
  • Additional cost savings from highly secure data and a “single pane of glass” for centralized management of shared resources
  • Accelerate time to value and increase performance

Why not harness the power of Nutanix – the world’s #1 hyperconverged platform

Nutanix pioneered hyperconverged infrastructure and continue to evolve the platform. Their web-scale solutions can help organisations like yours simplify and accelerate operations, speed the delivery of new services, tackle big data analytics, and streamline your database and VDI deployments.

Nutanix also lays the foundation for a hybrid IT environment that extends and secures your datacentre into the cloud.

They understand that growing businesses have the same IT needs as large-scale enterprises – but without the broad resources.

With fewer IT specialists to call on, IT generalists can work endlessly to deploy and maintain applications while complexity and expenses continue to grow.

Nutanix has addressed this challenge with solutions to suit businesses of all sizes, by offering all the benefits of the cloud – greater agility, more control, easily scalable – combined with the lower costs of an on-premise solution.

Your ready-to-go datacentre with Lenovo ThinkAgile solutions

Nutanix’s innovative solution, combined with a Lenovo ThinkAgile solution provides built-in compute, storage and virtualization for a simple, highly available data centre suitable for nearly all workloads.

It is 100% software-defined and can be installed in under 60 minutes. This simplified infrastructure eliminates the need for clunky SANs, expensive hypervisor licensing, and complex data protection and management software.

In terms of hardware, why settle for anything but the best? Lenovo secured 1st position in customer satisfaction for the 8th consecutive Technology Business Research (TBR) study.

What’s more, for the 10th straight year, Lenovo servers achieved top rankings in ITIC’s 2017 – 2018 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability survey.

Give your business a competitive edge – with a hyperconverged system from Lenovo and Bramatt

  • One-click simplicity: Reduce complex IT tasks to a single click, and lessen dependence on IT specialists
  • Maintain business continuity: Ensure high availability with highly resilient distributed architecture
  • Consolidate workloads: Power any workload with Nutanix software
  • Prevent data loss: Protect remote applications with integrated data protection and disaster recovery
  • Simplified IT infrastructure: Spend less time managing your IT infrastructure and more time focusing on your core business and innovation
  • Greater reliability: Your business relies on server uptime. For the fourth year in a row, Lenovo servers achieved the #1 reliability rating of all x86 servers worldwide, according to the ITIC Global Server Hardware and OS Reliability Survey
  • Single Point of Support: Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage provides a seamless, worry-free, end-to-end experience for the entire solution – spanning consulting, implementation and training and is available to assist customers in designing and deploying the ideal solution for their needs

Why Bramatt Computing is your perfect partner

Bramatt Computing have been designing, installing and supporting Virtualisation and Storage solutions to the SMB market for over 10 years. With a wealth of experienced consultants, Bramatt can provide the expertise or assistance you need to meet your business demands.

Bramatt Computing constantly review new and emerging technologies in order to deliver a best practice solution to their customers. The speed in which technology develops and changes takes a massive amount of internal resource to keep up to date with. Bramatt helps overcome this challenge by explaining and detailing new solutions in a straight forward format. Bramatt Computing’s solutions are always vendor agnostic and based around the customer’s business and IT requirements.

Over the last 3-4yrs, hyperconverged solutions have started to cascade down from enterprise customers and are now within the budgets of the SMB sector. However, with multiple vendors all competing for the same space and offering very similar platforms, it can very be difficult to find the correct fit and solution for your infrastructure. To ease that burden, Bramatt Computing’s knowledge and experience can help through internal education and R&D; all of which is required when looking at new projects. This can further be complemented with full or partial project management to ensure a smooth implementation.

Come and see hyperconvergence in action

The best way to understand how hyperconvergence can benefit your business is to see first-hand how it can provide you with a valuable competitive advantage.

Full demonstration facilities are available to see the latest hyperconverged platforms. Should you wish to arrange a demonstration to discuss your business challenges and see the technology in action, please contact us on the details below.

Call Bramatt Computing Ltd on 0845 643 2410 / 01530 446912.